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Drunk Judge Latest Example Of Broward Woes

Published on December 19, 2013 by

On Wednesday, a Broward judge showed up for work a wee bit drunk. The staff tried to keep the Judge off the bench. The Judge’s repsonse was bascially “f*** you, you’re fired.” The Judge goes into court. The staff is forced to drag Chief Judge Peter Weinstein out of an event to deal with this problem. Judge Weinstein has to personally remove the Judge from the courtroom.

On Thursday, the Judge has a sit down with Judge Weinstein, the Court Adminstrator and other court officials to discuss the incident.

Guess what? Everybody knows it happened. Lawyers, courthouse employees, judges, politicians, and even reporters. Only you, the unwashed masses, are kept in the dark.

We’re not into gossip. (You should hear the stories we’ve never printed.)

Substance abuse is problem for many people no matter their social status or occupation. A judge showing up tipsy after lunch is hardly newsworthy.

We know the Judge’s name. But we’re choosing not to publish it at this time. No need to embarrass someone who needs help.

But it is news when the Chief Judge has to step in and remove a judge from the bench.

This matter exemplifies the problem in Broward County. We need people to do more than gossip. The people have been kept in the dark long enough.

We need someone to do something!

Did you hear about the two school “volunteers” who received nearly $24,000 in consulting contracts from the Broward School District?

Guess what? The Broward School Board, the superintendent, the board lawyers and administrators knew about it for weeks before it became public.

What did they do about it?

Many Broward County Commissioners question the actions of Commissioner Dale Holness. They wonder when he lives, because it’s clear he does not live where he says he lives.

What did they do about it?

The answer is sad. They did nothing. They will do nothing.

They’re waiting for someone else to do something. They’re afraid of rocking the boat. They fear losing the backing of big donors. They fear getting a primary. They’re afraid of being called a bully or a bigot or a racist.

That’s not leadership. That’s called cowardice.

So the political class will keep gossiping.  They will share juicy stories amongst themselves at fancy galas or leadership retreats. They will text, email and iMessage the latest dirt like the Broward version of TMZ.

They will keep fiddling while Broward burns.

Who will stand up and do something?


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  1. […] staff tried to keep the judge off the bench,” reports Red Broward at The Daily Broward. “The Judge’s response was basically “[Expletive] you; you’re […]

  2. […] staff tried to keep the judge off the bench,” reports Red Broward at The Daily Broward. “The Judge’s response was basically “[Expletive] you; you’re […]

  3. W C Fields

    Speaking of drunks oh never mind

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